Our Church



Our Mission is 3 simple words Grow, Reach and Teach

We are Growing as a Church  to know how to follow Jesus.
As we do that we want to Reach out to others who don’t know Jesus
and to Teach them how much God loves them and wants a relationship with them.

Core values (Aspirational & Actual)

  • We love God above all things
  • We love others above ourselves (unconditionally)
  • We study the Bible to become more like Christ
  • We grow more like Christ so that we can effectively share Jesus with others
  • We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things
  • We give sacrificially of ourselves in time, gifting and money
  • We pursue God passionately in prayer
  • We seek Christian unity in our diversity
  • We choose to exist to reach those that don’t know Christ

Our Vision

  • We dream of a Church full of passionate disciples who are growing daily into fully mature followers of Jesus.
  • We dream of a Church that is constantly providing the means for those disciples to know Christ and in turn make Him known.
  • We see teaching being provided for people from milk to meat, from seeker to teacher so that we can glorify God and grow His Kingdom. We dream of a Church that has a passion for the lost, both here and abroad, that is equipped in communicating the gospel effectively and provides constant opportunities for as many people as possible to hear about Jesus.
  • We dream of a Church that has its main numerical growth in new believers
  • We dream of a Church that is one unified body with many active parts in service for Christ.
  • We see a Church that is individually and collectively empowered and trained to operate within their own specific spiritual gifting so that we are more effective in every way to serve Him.
  • We dream of a growing Church that is continually falling more and more in love with Jesus every day.
  • We see a Church that responds from that love to focus and act more on His will, than our own.
  • We dream of a Church that has a love so great for each other that it is willing to go beyond the normal to serve others.
  • We dream of a Church led by the knowledge of what God can through us rather than led by the fear of what we can’t do alone.

compassion-logo-2We also partner with Compassion