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After the service please stay for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with our church family.
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Recent sermons will be uploaded soon…    

Church History20 October 5:30pm at the church for Sessions 2 & 3 

Starting 13 October – 10 Week church history course 

To be held at the church, at 6pm on Sunday evenings
How did the Church get to where she is today?
How did we get so many denominations?
Who are the leaders who formed our thoughts?
Where is the Church going?


Instructor: Dr. Harold R. Eberle,

10 hours of lecture video content
Institute for Hope and Life, in partnership with Vision International

Church History book

Would you like the book?
(optional to the course)
Please ask Cathy or Brian to order you one.



In this course the student will gain a basic grasp of our Christian heritage. Great leaders,
historic events and turning points in history will be discussed with a goal of explaining how the
modern Church got where She is today
  Recent Events at South Bunbury Church of Christ
On Sunday morning 14 July we heard John Woods preach one of the best sermons I have heard…
The subject centred around how a good, all wise and powerful God can use evil for good.
We have recorded his message for anyone who missed hearing this inspired sermon. See the link below:
Below are three of John’s earlier sermons from 3 September 2017, 16 September 2018 and 13 January 2019

Children’s Ministry 

God’s Gang and Kingdom Kids are on again each  Sunday during Term time.  

These stunningly innovative films, currently available in over 100 languages, are easily adapted for a global audience. Anyone, anywhere in the world can fully experience their translation of Scripture overlaying the stunningly visual representations of the life of Christ set against the backdrop of an authentic rendition of first century Palestine.

6 Weeks series covering the entire Gospel of Mark

Planned for early in 2020